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FSCH-Team 1-just for TestsSwitzerland


University of Vigo




Linköpings University


UAS Ostfalia

Every year since 2003, the team has been involved in the concept, design, construction and testing of a Formula Student racing car. The team started with rear-wheel-drive vehicles with combustion engines based on a self-supporting steel lattice tube frame. Since 2011 we have been building fully electric race cars. Since 2018 based on a carbon monocoque and with electric all-wheel drive and wheel hub motors. The project is designed from start to finish by students from all faculties. Together with our sponsors and fabricators, we realize race cars that accelerate faster than Formula 1, to 100km/h in about 2.2 seconds. Our current project, the WR17, will also soon be able to drive autonomously.


KOU FORMULA is the first and only official Formula Student team of Kocaeli University.

IC, EV and Driverless Category.


Leibniz Universität Hannover

E-Agle Trento Racing TeamItaly

Università di Trento

UniBo Motorsport ElectricItaly


Technische Universität Chemnitz


Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)

TU Wien RacingAustria

Technische Universität Wien

University of Applied Sciences Mittweida


HAWK Göttingen

Formula Student VitoriaSpain

University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU-Campus of Alava

University of Bayreuth

Bauman Racing TeamRussian Federation

Bauman Moscow State Technical University


TU Berlin

Università degli Studi di Udine


Ghent University

Fast ForestGermany

Deggendorf Institut of Technology


Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Ben-Gurion Racing (BGR) is the first FSAE team in Israel, and the first Israeli team to develop and compete with an electric racing car. The first combustion racing car was developed in 2011 and the first electric racing car was developed in 2015. In 2022, BGR was the first Israeli team to complete all dynamic events in FSAE competition. In addition, in 2022 the autonomous department in the team was established, and the team began to develop its first autonomous racing car.


Università di Parma

Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt


Hochschule Osnabrück

Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering


Universität Bremen

Valais Wallis Racing TeamSwitzerland

HES-SO Valais Wallis

Align RacingNorway

University of Agder

Baltic RacingGermany

Hochschule Stralsund

Vellore Institute of Technology

Team Ojas Racing, recognized by FSAE, is the Official Formula Student Electric Team of Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, India.


Polytechnique Montréal


Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten

The Formula Student Team Weingarten is the racing team of UAS Weingarten, established in 2008 and located in the south of germany.
In 2021 our last combustion race car was on the starting grid.
This year we are in the process of developing our second electric race car, keeping in mind the lightweight philosophy of the past.


FAU Erlangen

Der High-Octane Motorsports e.V. ist ein eingetragener, gemeinnütziger Verein und gleichzeitig eine Hochschulgruppe der Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen Nürnberg.

Als Formula Student Team bauen wir seit unserer Gründung 2007 jedes Jahr innovative Rennwagen. Sämtliche Aufgaben, die zum Erreichen dieses Ziels notwendig sind, werden vereinsintern und ohne jegliche professionelle Hilfe gelöst. Unsere Mitglieder entwickeln ein eigenes Konzept, konstruieren im CAD und fertigen den Rennwagen. Das Fahrzeug wird vor den Rennen von uns unterschiedlichen Tests unterzogen, um die Sicherheit und Performance zu gewährleisten.

Der Verein setzt sich aus Studenten aller Fakultäten der Universität zusammen, die sich bei der Arbeit selbstständig Fachwissen aneignen und praktisch etwas über Automobilbau, Fertigungstechnologien und Wirtschaftswissenschaften lernen. Diese interdisziplinäre Kombination aus den technischen und wirtschaftlichen Bereichen ist einzigartig und ein Merkmal der Formula Student, in der der Rennwagen nicht nur nach technischen, sondern auch nach finanziellen Gesichtspunkten bewertet wird.


University of Strathclyde

Scotland's Oldest and First EV FS Team

Team SparkIceland

University of Iceland

FS USURT electricRussia

Ural State University of Railway Transport

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi


ECAM LaSalle


Universität Siegen

Brunel RacingUnited Kingdom

Brunel University London


Berner Fachhochschule

A team of motivated students from the Bern University of Applied Sciences has spent many hours developing an electric racing car.
Our 56 members are working hard to build the 7th car of our swiss team, which is called "Nebula".


Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

E-Team Duisburg-EssenGermany

University of Duisburg-Essen

Formula Student Team DelftNetherlands

TU Delft

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

HAWKS Racing was founded in 2003 and participates in various Formula Student events since 2004.

This year we look ahead with designing and building our second high voltage electrical driven race car, the H18.

Currently, we are about 50 students from different specialisations, working on the project in interdisciplinary groups.
We are looking forward to an awesome season and the upcoming FS-Events in 2023! #69 #HAWKSRacing #69HAWKS #HAWKSgoesDriverless #H18


Tecnun - Universidad de Navarra

"Tecnun eRacing is the team from the University of Navarra that participates in the international Formula Student competition. In this competition, different universities from around the world present cars designed and built by their teams, and they are tested in different modalities that evaluate the result of the work and effort of each team. In Tecnun eRacing we value and encourage teamwork and effort, and all areas of the team work together with the goal of designing and building the best possible car.

Akademia Górniczo - Hutnica im. Stanisława Staszica w Krakowie

K J Somaiya College of Engineering


TU Braunschweig

RWTH Aachen

Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology

Anargya ITS EV Team is Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology's student research team specialising in electric vehicles and autonomous automotive systems. The team has four core values, namely professionalism, solidarity, competitiveness, and integrity.
The team succeeded to place in the top 10 of EV Teams' Cost and Manufacturing Category and also the best EV team from ASEAN based on the overall score at that time.
Anargya ITS EV Team also placed second in a national scale EV design competition, Jakarta E-Prix: Sustainable World Electric Vehicle Design Competition, held by Formula E Jakarta 2022. Anargya ITS EV Team is also the runner-up of the FSEV Concept Challenge (Pi-EV 2022), an annual electric vehicle concept challenge organised by Formula Bharat. The team placed second in the Engineering Design Presentation and Team Management, and also third in Software Intelligence. Formula Student which will be held in Switzerland, is the team’s main target at the moment.


Otto-von-Guericke Univeristät Magdeburg

UMD Racing e.V. is the Formula Student Team of the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany.

Tallinn TU UAS


University of Seville


Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Formula Student team from Helsinki Finland. 4wd electric vehicle.

Private Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Technik

Deefholt Dynamics e.V. is the Formula Student Team at PHWT in Diepholz.

Herkules Racing TeamGermany


HofSpannung Motorsport e.V.Germany


Hanze Racing Division stichtingNetherlands

Hanze University of applied Sciences

The Hanze Racing Division is a team of international students located in Groningen and participating in the Formula Student global competition. Together, we design and build an electric race car from scratch, and race it against others during yearly events. Ambition, passion and dedication are what drives us on a daily basis, allowing us to consistently push our limits to achieve our goals


Universidad Francisco de Vitoria


Technische Universität Dresden

Elbflorace is a group of students enrolled at Dresden university of technology. We came together under this name for the first time in July 2006! Our team is coined after Elbflorence, our hometown’s namesake, which titles Dresden Florence on the river Elbe.

Right now Elbflorace’s students major in Automotive Engineering, Mechatronics, Technical Design, and Business/Economics. We are actively recruiting students from other areas to broaden our spectrum as we move forward into the conceptual and constructive phase of our venture. Since 2017 we are taking part at the DV- class and we are looking forward to escapades of interdisciplinary, hands-on learning and of course to showing its results in the Formula Student competition in 2023!

UoP Racing TeamGreece


The UoP Racing Team is a racing team of the University of Patras(Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics) . We develop, design and manufacture a racing car that competes at the Formula Student series competition around the globe, alongside with hundreds of teams from all over the world.

Our team consists of passionate students divided in several modules with each module having one leader who coordinates the other members. Building a racing car in such a small amount of time with limited resources, it takes a lot of time and even more hard work to get the job done. The team only works when all students and their supervisors sacrifice their free time to the project.

Working in the team gives students a great opportunity to gain a lot of experiences and qualifications.The main goal of the team is education. Every year many new students start on a year of Formula Student, most of them have no or very little experience in designing and building a race car. Even though, they are allowed and needed to design a part of the car in their first year. Therefore team and each subteam are organized at the start of every season to teach the team vital knowledge and skills. Older members of the team will assist the newcomers during the year, assuring the quality of the work and further educating the new engineers. Most members indicate that their year, or years, was one of the most educating experiences of their study.

FS RTULatvia

Riga Technical University

Technical University Würzburg - Schweinfurt

Mainfranken Racing at Technical University Würzburg-Schweinfurt is a non-profit association‚ that was founded in September 2006.
Born out of the idea of some motor sports enthusiastic students.

After participating at Formula Student Germany in 2007 we finished with 14th place overall and 2nd runner up in the newcomer competition in Hockenheim.
These results pushed our ambition to build an even better car over the past fourteen years.
With the knowledge of fourteen seasons in Formula Student we look forward to present our MF15 at the Formula Student Events in 2023.
After the switch to EV 2018/2019 we are now presenting our first EV car with integrated Driverless components.

The Team started with 20 active members into the new Season 2022/2023. Together we want to grow not even our experience & knowledge but our team.
Furthermore we want to provide a basis for future seasons at our university.


University of Belgrade

TU München

The TUfast Racing Team was established in 2002 with its first competition in 04.
Starting with internal combustion cars and adding electric racers in 2011. Up from that year at least two cars per year were made.
In 2017 we started with the driverless cars and unfortunately discontinued the combustion ones in 2018.
Now for two years already, our contender is driving autonomous, as well as manual electric

Racetech Racing Team e.V.Germany

TU Bergakademie Freiberg

National Tsing Hua University

GET racing Dortmund e.V.Germany

Technische Universität Dortmund

ICAI, Comillas Pontifical Univerisity


UAS Vienna


Politecnico di Torino


Technical University Hamburg

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

After one year of absence at FSG in 2022, KA-RaceIng will be back with their first EV/DV car in 2023. The KIT23 will be an evolution of the KIT21e, which already showed promising lap times in 2021, combining it with the software and hardware of the KIT22d.
Stay tuned!

Lund Formula StudentSweden

Lund University

DHBW Mannheim

Zips RacingUnited States

The University of Akron

A combustion team from Akron Ohio that has been competing since 1990.


OTH Regensburg

Transilvania University of Brasov

BlueStreamline represents a group of enthusiastic students of Transilvania University of Brasov that accepted the challenge to be the first Romanian Team in the Formula Student competition, along with students from more than 270 universities worldwide.
Our objectives
- to design and build a race car that embraces our knowledge and passion for automotive engineering
- to manufacture, or buy the necessary components and assemblies in order to test the car
- to withstand in static and dynamic events of the competition
- to do our best in order to achieve a great result in our 15th year from the debut.
BlueStreamline is all about passion for cars, creativity in designing and using advanced technology, addiction for races, accepting new challenges ... and a bit of madness. Those, with no exception, simply wear Our Fingerprint...

E-Team Squadra CorseItaly

Università di Pisa

University of Applied Sciences Kiel

National Technical University of Athens


Khulna University of Engineering & Technology

Kilo Flight is a Student Racing team of KUET. We build racing cars to participate in Formula Student competitions. Our vision is to engage the young generation in automobile sector and make some positive impact in this industry.

Oxford Brookes Racing United Kingdom

Oxford Brookes University

Formula Student FEUPPortugal

University of Porto

Technische Hochschule Köln


Since 2009 the students of eMotorsports Cologne are building electrically driven racecars – passionate engineering located at the TH Köln, Germany. Every season new highly motivated team members from different studies organise themselves, develope and manufacture racecars for Formula Student competitions. Driven by forward-looking innovation and dedication every car becomes unique.


Started in 2009 with the first electric Formula Student car based on the CC08 from our combustion team we are building our 11th racecar with the eMC23. Throughout the years there is a constant development in all departments of the car. At first there were just a few students with this idea who started the challenging journey. Today we count over 30 students who embody the long-lived team spirit of eMotorsports Cologne.

Mission & Vision

We want to be pioneers, foster innovation and shape the future of e-mobility. A car that unites state-of-the-art engineering and cutting-edge technology – EVERY SINGLE SEASON!

TU Graz Racing TeamAustria

Graz University of Technology

AMZ RacingSwitzerland

ETH Zürich

Since the Academic Motorsports Club Zurich (AMZ) was founded in 2006 by students of ETH Zurich it has produced a prototype to compete in various Formula Student competitions in Europe every year. After having built three cars powered by combustion engines, AMZ has moved forward to developing electric racing cars since 2010. Throughout the years, we have continuously been at the top of innovation, not only developing new CFRP monocoques, complete aerodynamics packages and suspension but also designing our own motors, gearbox and controllers. As a result, AMZ’s twelfth car - eiger - captivates with innovation through and through. It is the result of more than eight months of development time, countless sleepless nights and the single intention of a team to be successful through innovation.

The association is financially independent and supported by numerous financial, manufacturing and parts sponsors as well as various institutes of Swiss universities ETH Zurich and the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. AMZ is the first Swiss team in Formula Student. The active team counts approximately 40 people, backed by the crucial support of their alumni. In 2017, AMZ finished the season at the top of FSE rankings.

We look forward to competing with the whole Formula Student Community this summer with our 16th car castor.

Technische Hochschule Nürnberg


Chalmers University of Technology

UJI MotorsportSpain

Universtitat Jaume I

RPTU + UAS Kaiserslautern

Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck

Formula Student Team of the University of Innsbruck in Austria

Dynamis PRCItaly

Politecnico di Milano

Formula TechnionIsrael

Technion - Israel institute of technology

Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology


Hochschule Aalen

Einstein MotorsportGermany


National University of Science & Technology

Formula Electric Racing NUST is the first and only team from Pakistan that fabricated formula-style electric vehicle

FST LisboaPortugal

University of Lisbon


UAS Landshut

TU Darmstadt

Test test


UAS RheinMain

Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi" Iasi

We are a team that wants and thinks that it can represent Romania in a international competition at the highest level - Formula Student. We want to prove that the race car designed and built by us can compete with teams of renowned technical universities in Europe and worldwide.

TU Ilmenau


UAS Munich

Running Snail Racing Team Germany

UAS Amberg-Weiden

Cracow University of Technology

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Ruhr Universität Bochum

UAS Pforzheim

UAS Mannheim

UPB DriveRomania

Politehnica University of Bucharest

UPC ecoRacingSpain

UPC Terrassa

Gdańsk University of Technology

UAS Zwickau

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava



PROTON DynamicPoland

Warsaw University of Technology

DHBW (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg) Stuttgart

DHBW Engineering Stuttgart - a team of nearly 100 students of the Cooperative State University of Baden Wuerttemberg. Founded in 2008, we have been participating in the Formula Student Combustion until we decided to switch to Formula Student Electric in 2011. What distinguishes us from most of the other teams is that all of our team members spend one half of their days at university and the other half in their training companies. Because of this and all other challenges that arise from Formula Student is why we depend on a perfectly harmonizing team to build our A-Team-E-Car.

UAS Joanneum Graz

The team of Joanneum Racing Graz took part in the static competitions for the first time in 2003 and since 2004 a new racecar has been built every year. Since the team members had worked very hard for their success, a synonym for them and their ambitions was soon found – The “Weasels” were born. Each year there is a new team coming up with advanced and innovative ideas.
After many successful years competing in the CV-category, finishing multiple seasons in the Top10 of the world ranking and celebrating multiple overall competition wins and individual discipline wins the Weasels decided to take a big step and switch to EV-category in 2022.
Despite 2022 being their first EV-season, Joanneum Racing Graz managed to take several Top3-trophies in the static and dynamic disciplines back home to Graz and achieved what seemed to be impossible: As the first Austrian team ever, the Weasels got to call themselves Overall Winners of a Formula Student event in the EV-category.
However, the Weasels do not rest on these achievements and aim for even greater success in the seasons to come.


Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

University Paderborn

Democritus University of Thrace


Università degli Studi di Padova

FSAE team of Università degli Studi di Padova

Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa

Global Formula Racing (DE)Germany

Duale Hochschule Ravensburg

eMotion RacingGermany

Hochschule Ruhr West

ULL DynamicsSpain

University of La Laguna

Primer equipo de formula student de las Islas Canarias (España).


Oregon State University/DHBW Ravensburg

Global Formula Racing is an international cooperation of Oregon State University in the US and DHWB Ravensburg in Germany. The team collaboratively designs, manufactures, and tests an electric/driverless car at each University every year. Founded in 2010 Global Formula Racing is the only truly collaborative international Formula Student Team in the world.

FESB RacingCroatia

University of Split

Electric Racing MiskolcHungary

University of Miskolc


Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Turkish-German University Racing TeamTurkey

Turkish-German University

Ecole Centrale de Lyon

L’Écurie Piston Sport Auto (EPSA) est une association de l’École Centrale de Lyon (ECL) qui, chaque année, conçoit et réalise un véhicule de course pour participer à la compétition FSAE / Formula Student.
Ce projet unique offre l'opportunité à une quarantaine d'élèves ingénieurs de travailler ensemble sur un prototype de compétition. De l'élaboration des cahiers des charges jusqu'à l'intégration et aux roulages du véhicule, ils acquièrent de nombreuses compétences techniques et managériales, à la manière d'un réel projet en entreprise.
En plus d'être soutenu par l'ECL, nous avons la fierté de travailler avec les élèves de nombreux établissements d'enseignement professionnel de la région lyonnaise, qui participent à la fabrication de grand nombre des sous-systèmes de notre véhicule.

UGRacingUnited Kingdom

University of Glasgow

FSUK Champions 2022

ISAT/ University of Burgundy

Sapienza Fast ChargeItaly

Sapienza Università di Roma

Monash University

METU Formula RacingTurkey

Middle East Technical University

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

UAS Kempten

PolSl RacingPoland

silesian university of technology

Universität Stuttgart

Budapest University of Technology and Economics


University for business and technology

EUSS MotorsportSpain


TU Brno RacingCzech Republic

Brno University of Technology

LUMotorsportUnited Kingdom

Loughborough University

Polytech North Capital MotorsportRussian Federation

Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University

University of Southampton


Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

UniTS Racing TeamItaly

University of Trieste

CTU in Prague

UH RacingUnited Kingdom

University of Hertfordshire

UH Racing were founded in 1997 by University of Hertfordshire students, and have since competed in every IMechE Formula Student event from its inception in 1998.

UH Racing is now in its 26th year, with the team designing and building their 28th car. Since 1997, countless awards have been won and the team have entered Formula Student competitions world wide with cutting edge petrol, electric and hydrogen powered cars. UH Racing continues to evolve with new technologies every year, to produce a successful single seat race car further contributing to the team’s heritage of success.

Formula UEMSpain

Universidad Europea de Madrid

Karlstad university

KTH Royal institute of technology

Bimasakti Racing TeamIndonesia

Universitas Gadjah Mada

Raftar Formula Racing ElectricIndia

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

KU Leuven Thomas More

Our goal each year is to develop new technological innovations, built together with our partners. We demonstrate the result of these innovations by participating in the international Formula Student competitions. The mission is to offer an innovative platform for creating technological breakthroughs in the automotive industry and beyond. This technology and research add to the green and driverless future of mobility.
Our vision is simple: taking steps towards a more sustainable future. At Formula Electric Belgium, we believe that on a technical level, there is still room for improvement in the automotive industry.

We therefore search for new technologies, focused on electrical and autonomous driving, while increasing the performance of the car. With the help of STEM-lecture, which we provide for enthusiast students, our vision takes shape at a young age.
To formulate our vision in one slogan:
Green innovation meets performance.

This is what distinguishes us from the competition.

Bodensee Racing TeamGermany

UAS Konstanz

Fachhochschule Aachen

École de Technologie Supérieure

Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague

TU Istanbul Racing Turkey

Istanbul Technical University

E-Traxx DüsseldorfGermany

Hochschule Düsseldorf

PRz Racing Team Poland

Technical University od Rzeszów

Poznan University of Technology

PUT Motorsport continuously since 2014, design, manufacture and test racing cars, and then check them during the Formula Student competition. PUT Motorsport is a place where we follow our knowledge and imagination. Thanks to this, every day we take another step forward that brings us closer to our goal – we want to create the future.


Aligarh Muslim University


Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering

Success is never owned, it is rented. And the rent is due every day.

Team Kratos Racing was started as a student initiative in 2014 by 8 engineering students who shared the same passion and same obsession, the passion for motor sport, and the obsession with cars! Thus, Team Kratos Racing was brought to life.

We started with Fireblade 1.0, our first car (which Claude can only describe as a heavy mama). But we were not done, the Fire blade 2.0 was the lightest combustion car in India that went on to win SAE SUPRA. There was no turning back now. Every year we strived to improve and innovate and went on to grab the Overall first position at the event thrice in a row!

After building 4 combustion cars, we moved forward to developing fully-electric racing cars in 2018. And thus, the birth of Thunderblade 1.0, which went on to win the first prize at Formula Bharat ’19 and score the greatest number of points in Formula Student history 943/1000.

In 2019, we once again took on a major challenge by building a complete CFRP monocoque chassis for our latest car Thunderblade 2.0 which won laurels for the 'Best Electric Power train' by Micelio Mobility and standing overall 3rd at Formula Bharat 2020.

As we all know, success is a journey and not a destination.
We would keep pushing ourselves day in day out and would try to be an example for all of those who
Dare to Dream

Hochschule Esslingen

University of West Bohemia

HFS racingThe Netherlands

HAN University of Applied Sciences

eskişehir technical university

ESTU Racing is a multi-disciplinary team of innovative and productive engineers, officially founded in 2022. Combining the adrenaline of motorsports with engineering and technology, ESTU Racing produces open cockpit and open wheel racing vehicles in accordance with the Formula concept to compete in various races such as Formula Student and FSAE.
To represent our university and our country in the most perfect way at the global level in the organizations and events we take part in, by being responsible, team-oriented and innovative, producing new vehicles, supporting new technology and engineering ideas both in motorsports and globally.

Formula Student BizkaiaSpain

University of the Basque Country

Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe

Al FursanUnited Arab Emirates

BITS Pilani Dubai Campus

UWE Formula StudentUnited Kingdom

University of the West of England

Tampere Formula StudentFinland

TAMK University of Applied Sciences

Formula Student team from Finland since 2006.

Yıldız Technical University

The team was born in 2011 with combustion vehicle. And now in 2023, we will build our third electric vehicle.


Sinhgad College Of Engineering

Electric Racing MiskolcHungary

University of Miskolc

Team Defianz Racing ElectricIndia

Delhi Technological University

Team Defianz Racing Electric is the official Formula Student team hailing from Delhi Technological University (Formerly DCE), New Delhi, India. The team has been participating in national and International Formula Student competitions since 2003, namely Formula Bharat, FS United Kingdom, FS Czech Republic, FS Italy etc.

Formula ManipalIndia

Manipal Academy of Higher Education

Acceleracers ElectricIndia

Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University

UAS Mannheim


Poznan University of Technology

…continuously since 2014, we design, manufacture and test racing cars, and then check them during the Formula Student competition. PUT Motorsport is a place where we follow our knowledge and imagination. Thanks to this, every day we take another step forward that brings us closer to our goal – we want to create the future.

UAS Bern

Our team consists of students from the Bern University of Applied Sciences and would like to follow up on the successful time of the solar vehicle “Spirit of Biel” through the Formula Student project. The idea is to give future engineers an opportunity to apply theory during their studies. The projects offer us an educational time and unforgettable experiences. We want to make a difference and are thus ready for future-oriented technologies in order to develop sustainable concepts.